“Jack of all trades; master of none”. What is the next rating down from “Master”? My name is Tom Lillis IV and I am originally from Fairfield CT. I spend the first 40 years of my life in the northeast as an expert in e-mail and groupware by day and politics and writing by night.  When younger I was an officer in the Connecticut State Young Republicans and a founding member of the Westport Young Republicans.  Later, I was an elected office holder for multiple terms on my hometown’s legislative body where I was a fiscal hawk but, with bi-partisan help, wrote the town’s “blight ordinance” .  I had been working for some of the top firms in the northeast (IBM, Gartner Group, The New York Times, Time Inc.) and then, as the story goes, “I met a dame….”

Columbus Ohio is well away from my business networks, my political networks and my zone of safety. Since arriving I’ve discovered I have diabetes, have become crazy about a soccer team and have had a child (well, for that last one I had quite a bit of help from my wife).  After two years I feel more like an embed than a buckeye. These are some of my observations.

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