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The End of Facebook days

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s the end of an era & the beginning of another. It doesn’t really matter that the era in question is very local and might have otherwise gone completely unnoticed. I was lucky enough to have the “Aha!” moment and that small satisfaction is self-payment enough.
As moments go this one has little momentum. I remember the beginning of the end of my fascination with Popular Music occurred on 25 January 1985. Phil Collins, who by this time was wildly successful, decided to release his new album “No Jacket Required” on only cassette, 8-track and CD – no vinyl and by doing so “killed” the 13″ record. Every self-important writer seemed obligated to write “The Death of the Record” essays (and, boy howdy, did the know how to be self-important in the mid 1980s). The funny thing is how these essays read 21 years later where the way we listen to music was unexplored science fiction in 1985
Yes, a era has ended: no more Facebook Status Updates. When Facebook expanded the length of the Status field from 160 to 420 I’m sure they though “well, this should accommodate everyone”. Once again, I’m in the lounge marked “Almost But not Quite Everyone”. Why could that be?